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Perton Swap Shop

Perton Swap Shop has been running for around 18 months now and has over 4200 traders. This page was set up for the residents of Perton though as time has gone on residents from local areas have joined and turned it into a local thriving swap shop.


Perton Swap shop is for the trade of 2nd hand items only. If you want to promote businesses, ask questions, or release local information please use the Perton Pages Facebook page

Basic Trading Guidelines


1 - Please only post 5 items every 12 hours. The best way to list multiple items is to use an album.



2 - Please wait 12 hours before re-listing your item. This includes price reductions, full stops etc.



3 - Please put a full description, price and your location on all posts.



4 - Only 2nd hand items can be listed. For business postings, local news, events, lost pets etc and more please use


Perton Pages 


Codsall Pages 


All business must first register before posting. Please send an email to pertonpages@gmail.com with an email subject of "business posting" and we will get you registered. These 2 pages have over 3000 members .



5 - Finally and most importantly - no public arguments. This will result in revoking your swap shop membership. If you have any problems please email pertonpages@gmail.com




All posts that are outside the Swap Shop guidelines will be removed.




Perton Swap Shop is a platform for you to sell. The deal is between buyer and seller and we Perton Swap Shop aren't responsible for any trades.




This page is here to empty your house with unwanted 2nd hand items so have fun and happy trading.